Al Ain Palace Museum

The Al Ain Palace Museum was the former residence of Sheik Zayed from 1937-1966. Simple buildings surround courtyards with lush gardens. The simple furnishings show life before the oil boon.

Al Ain National Museum

The Al Ain National Museum is located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Admission for the museum is less than $1 US. Amongst the museum treasures was an old loom. The sign stated: A wooden weaving instrument used in past for making carpets, wazra and other kinds of textiles. Wikepedia define wazra as a big... Continue Reading →

Inspiration in the Souk

Colors and textures assault the eyes. Dried lemons, cinnamon sticks and saffron all for the taking. Color inspiration for weaving. Scents that make me want to cook. Scarves, scarves and more scarves. Color, embroidery and beads. I just want to touch and feel.

First One’s a Charm

The finished Handwoven Shibori Scarf. The scarf was woven, with pattern threads that were later pulled tightly,  then dyed. When dried, pattern threads are removed . One side of the scarf is predominately red the other navy. The scarf is of 10/2 Bamboo yarns.

Shibori Scarf

Handwoven Shibori scarf after weaving. The pink yarns will be pulled to create the pattern and removed after dyeing.                                           Picture of  dyed  sample once shibori pattern threads have been pulled tight.

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