Handwoven Shibori on the Loom

This is Handwoven Shibori being woven on a floor loom. The weaving is fairly easy, plain weave¬†with a pattern thread every 6 ends. The pattern threads form a fancy twill pattern. I don't use nylon fish line for my pattern threads which will later be pulled gathering the fabric. I use a 3/2 mercerized cotton... Continue Reading →

Brazilwood Dye Bath

Today's adventure involved natural hand dyeing by myself. Previously my dye days were with a group of other¬†weavers led by another fiber artist. On the last dye day, I came home with a gallon jug each of Brazilwood and Logwood dye baths that were not spent. Also, a baggy for each, with the wood junks... Continue Reading →

Rodeo Weaving Time

It's Houston Livestock and Rodeo time. During the rodeo Contemporary Handweavers of Houston guild members volunteer by demonstrating weaving and spinning. The rodeo created this nice little raised booth for us. School groups come by week days as well as other visitors. We have members demonstrating on weekends also. Questions range from are you knitting,... Continue Reading →

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