Tablet Weaving

On this past Friday I took a class on Tablet Weaving taught by Michael Cook. Michael has done some incredible Tablet Woven pieces. On his website you can see examples of his work.¬† Http:// Our looms were warped with black and white 10/2 mercerized cotton, using 15 tablets. This gives one a narrow band when... Continue Reading →

What Could This Be?

We went for a Sunday drive to Navasota, TX which was founded in 1831. Always ready to check out an antique store we found several here. The downtown is but a shadow of what it once was when the Houston and Texas Central Railway made Navasota an important shipping and marketing center. One can tell... Continue Reading →

Honeycomb for Spring

Next on the loom is a Honeycomb weave. It's funny in to have chosen this, since it is also know as an undulating weft effect and my previous post was on an undulating twill. The inspiration for this project came from shopping for a ¬†bargain at the local "Big Lots" store. Here I found in... Continue Reading →

Undulating Twill

Just saying undulating twill brings a smile to my face. Flowing lines, curves, swaying objects are brought to mind. In an undulating twill, pattern curves are created by having areas of tight interlacement followed by areas of more open weave in the same cloth. This is done by having areas of different size floats. The... Continue Reading →

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