Can I do this?

After taking a workshop, I always wonder if I can do this on my own. When I took the workshop on Tablet weaving we did not wind our own warps. Michael Cook the instructor supplied pre-warped tablets that we put directly on our inkle looms. He did demonstrate a method of continuous warping, which is... Continue Reading →

Finding the Time to Dye

I found this unpublished blog entry so I will publish it even though the finished fabric was shown in the post "Finishing Projects".¬†With temps reaching 86 degrees today, it was time to dye before the heat of summer is upon us. The handwoven Shibori snake was finished months ago. Since I don't have a place... Continue Reading →

Navajo Weavings

The exhibit "Navajo Weaving: Tradition and Trade" is a must for anyone who likes Navajo weavings. The Stark Museum in the small town of Orange, TX, hosts this exhibit. ¬†Many of these rugs have never been seen by the general public before. The samples of dyed yarn, natural vs. analine, shows the intensity of color... Continue Reading →

Finishing Projects

The Handwoven Shibori yardage has been pressed and is ready to be made into something wearable it has a nice drape being 8/2 Tencel. The dye penetration is not as even as I would have liked, but it does create an interesting horizontal pattern. The honeycomb runner made with linen and jute to outline the... Continue Reading →

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