Bits and pieces

Began weaving another color way using the same turned twill setup for the previous  coral towels. These are probably my favorite colors to weave with. I just love a bright blue (royal blue).  These will be made with 22/2 cottolin, from my stash. Alas, there is very little of the purple and turquoise remaining after... Continue Reading →

Dispersed Dye Handwoven Shibori with a twist

I like to experiment and the two scarves in this blog use different techniques. The scarves were each hand woven using a black rayon yarn in both the warp and weft. A pattern yarn was woven in a twill pattern one pick every 6 ends. These pattern threads were later pulled and knotted along each... Continue Reading →

Coral inspired towels

Currently being woven on the loom are Coral inspired towels. The above picture highlights the center of the towel. The border has already wrapped around the front beam. This is a turned twill or block twill, where one block has the warp yarns mostly on top and the next block has the weft yarns mostly... Continue Reading →

Getting to the Finish Line

Unfinished projects. I hate to say how many I have. The trouble is that a woven project is not done until it's washed and ironed, the fringe is twisted, Mistakes need  repairing. The Dyeing process is completed. Projects are sewn. Labels sewn on and final ironing. Some projects are as time-consuming off the loom as... Continue Reading →

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