Treadle Envy

Bateman Blend CCW

When looking through sample books from Cross Country Weavers, I found myself having  treadle envy. I’m sure your asking yourself what could she possibly be talking about. My loom has 8 harnesses and 10 treadles.  The sample that I found myself interested in weaving needed 7 harnesses ( no problem) . Alas, it used 11 treadles.  A couple of years earlier I had designed a piece needing more treadles than I possessed.  Here  Tim’s Treadle Reducer program comes to the rescue.  You enter in the shafts, and treadles in the original design, and the number of shafts and treadles on your loom.

TreadlereducerClick on ” Make a grid” , to go to next step below: Entry

Treadle Reducer Entry                            Treadle Reducer results

In reducing the number of treadles needed to weave the design, treadling becomes more involved. At times you need to depress two treadles at the same time. A small price to pay to weave more complex designs.

This program has allowed me to begin weaving a scarf inspired by a sample by Sally Orgren in Cross Country Weavers, March 2008, using  a  Bateman Blend  pattern. The photo at the top, shows what will become the backside of my scarf. So follow the blog to see the finished scarf in a future post.

12 responses to “Treadle Envy

  1. Guess there is a program for anything if you know where to look for it! Sorry I missed all those swatch books–well, maybe, it’s s good thing. I don’t have treadle envy!


  2. Very cool. I’m sure you won’t mind at all if I come over to your house and crawl under the loom to see the other side…. Hearing the song “Anticipation…” in my mind.

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  3. Hmmm . . . this sounds interesting but I’m too new to weaving tor really understand it! I’ll look forward to more info!


  4. The reverse side is beautiful. Look forward to seeing the other side!


  5. Ah-Hah! What a great tool! Last year I was weaving rosepath figures and could have used a little help with the treadles. Thank you, Barb!


  6. Had never come across this before = Thanks!!


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