Playing with Crackle

Southwest GlintOn the loom is a 4 harness crackle weave scarf. Crackle weave is a tied weave, where a tabby shot follows a pattern shot. For the tabby I’m using a metallic covered thread to add some sparkle. The picture doesn’t show the sparkle well.

Ideas from the book “A Crackle Weave Companion” by Lucy M. Brusic was used to help create this design. She shows how to use traditional crackle threading, with treadling from a different crackle pattern to create a new design. With Fiberworks I combined a threading from ” A Handweavers Pattern Book” by Marguerite Davison and used a threading from another crackle pattern in that book. When designing with Fiberworks I often don’t view the pattern with the tabby inserted, which are the tie-down threads. This lets me look at the over-all design better. When I weave the tabby would be added. To give a sturdier cloth.


The first scarf woven on this warp is above. As I was weaving this scarf  my mind was having a Senior moment, so the tabby was not added after the pattern threads. Half way through weaving it struck me that crackle weave is done with a tabby thread woven after each pattern thread. Oh my, lucky for me the floats were not long.  So on this warp two distinctly different scarves were woven.

6 responses to “Playing with Crackle

  1. Oooo! How pretty!! I look forward to seeing them both.


  2. You’re the second blogger I follow to mention working on crackle in the last two days! I guess I better learn something about it, if I want to hang out with the cool girls!


    • Kerry, crackle is an old weave structure. There has been an increased interest lately because of newer books. Seems we like making the old look new. My example is simpler than examples in the book. Barbara


  3. Ah yes… those ‘senior moments’ in weaving…. always makes for interesting elements…. and sometimes spectacular ‘happy accidents’! 🙂


    • Barbara,My husband says I shouldn’t call them senior moments, just that I have to much on my platter that interferes with my thinking. Either way it can cause issues good and bad.


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