Small Bags



So what do you do with all the small pieces of  handwoven fabric from sampling and weaving off a warp? Small bags with and without a strap are one possibility.


With pockets







                                                  Antique button closure


Simple, but elegant

The possibilities are endless.


Happy Holidays to all, and may your New Year be filled with many fiber related projects.






11 thoughts on “Small Bags

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  1. I like your idea! I do have lots of samples and scraps, but haven’t come up with a satisfactory use for all of them. In the back of my mind, I envision something like your bags, or a journal cover…Food for thought over a cup of hot cocoa.


    1. Katy, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. The fabric had the warp threaded for a rep weave design. In rep though you have a thick weft followed by a thin weft tread led in opposites. This piece though did not have the thin wefts only thick wefts resulting in the large areas of floating warp yarns.


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