What I’ve been upto


Hurricane Harvey and it’s aftermath have caused a slow down or halt to any weaving the past 2 weeks. I’m lucky our house was not flooded. We were in a mandatory evacuation zone. After attempting to get out of town but finding roads blocked by rising waters. (A very scary situation) the  night was spent in a hotel parking lot. The next day we were able to drive to a hotel in another area. This was our home the next 5 days. Before leaving our home we tried to move what furniture we could to the 2nd floor. Furniture too heavy or big, stayed down. Two of the looms were on the first level. One was placed on top of the dining room table that was on blocks, and the second on wood blocks.

The above scarves were completed before all this drama. It is my first attempt at Echo and Iris.


It’s hard to believe there are 2 colors of 20/2 mercerized cotton in the warp that alternate. And 2 different colors in the warp that alternate. The color blending that occurs creates totally different colors. The different colors in each scarf are from changing the weft colors used.

So yesterday I spent some time weaving. I’m amazed at how calming I found that time. My thoughts and prays are with those who have suffered from the storm.


9 responses to “What I’ve been upto

  1. The scarves are beautiful – I have the book but have not pursued it yet. So glad to hear you escaped the flooding!


  2. What a lot you’ve been through, even if you were one of the lucky ones not to actually be flooded! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you were calmed by weaving–the rhythm, the familiar, the evidence of time well spent. A perfect antidote to chaos!


  3. Love, love the pattern & colors…you have a great eye for color selection!


  4. Glad to hear you are OK and that your house was not flooded! The scarves are beautiful.


  5. What beautiful pieces! I’ve never heard of that weave structure and I see the books are out of print and expensive. Looks like it was fun to weave as well.

    Reading your blog always makes me realize how much I have forgot about weaving structures and terms over the years of not weaving much…

    You’re an inspiration to me to study some more.


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