Bronson Lace #2

After a botched posting, I’m back to share. Off the loom now is this black, white, and gray, Bronson Lace weave. You can see the center of this towel design. I love lace weaves, this is the first time I’ve woven this design. It began with a pattern found in the Weavers Book of 8 Shaft Weaves: Carol Strickler. A Bronson Lace design on pg. 186 #619. I modified the design found in the book to arrive at this pattern.

The next batch of cottolin towels will use these colors; the deep coral will be for the weft yarn, with a surprise color used in the weft for some of the towels.

The outdoor Amaryllis was in full bloom for Easter. It’s not looking so good now but has one bloom yet to open. What started with 3 bulbs a couple of years ago, has now become six. It maybe time to separate.

6 thoughts on “Bronson Lace #2

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  1. Glad I was able to see and touch this b/w towel in person—lovely weave structure. I look forward to your ‘surprise’ weft!
    Happy treadling,


  2. I LOVE Bronson Lace. And your modifications are beautiful! There is a version called Atwater Bronson Lace that I am trying to find and weave. But that won’t happen until after I weave my tartan! Too many ideas! Too many projects! And a growing stash…..What is a weaver to do????!!!! Happy weaving!


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