Designing my own Deflected Double Weave

The culmination of the year’s Deflected Double Weave study by the Way out West study group (WOW), was to convert a profile draft to a DDW and weave it.

I selected a 4 shaft weave and used a portion of it for my profile draft. Applying what I have learned these past months the draft for the above piece was created. Cascade Alpine Lace, alpaca yarn in lavender, was used with purple 20/2 silk yarn. The pattern is large and bold. The width of the scarf is one repeat of the pattern.

So that’s a wrap. There are so many weave structures to explore. So for the time being I’ll set aside doing more DDW.

The next project on the loom are Fall inspired towels. Weaving in Fall colors in the Spring may seem unusual. Every Fall I’ll normally weave towels trying to help envision the beautiful fall colors 🍁 I grew up with in Minnesota. But that didn’t happen in 2020, since my trip north couldn’t happen either due to the Corona virus pandemic restrictions.

These towels are a 12 harness twill. They are woven with 8/2 cotton and cottolin yarns.

Now that Spring seems to be here. A new garden was planted, with beans, peas, carrots, lettuce, acorn squash, zucchini, basil, and a cherry tomato plant. Along side the garden sunflower, and zinnia seeds were planted to add future color. Also, the hope is the birds will only be interested in the sunflower seeds and leave the remaining garden alone.

The Texas freeze of February 2020

Just a couple of weeks ago our backyard looked like this,which is not typical for Houston, Texas. we were lucky to not have water pipes burst when the power was lost for 36 hours at our house During this historic storm. We stayed warm with layers of clothing and our gas fireplace. It did get down to 51 degrees inside before the power came back on. Many others were not so lucky. The plants did not fair as well. Oleander, gardenias, hibiscus, century plants, are just some of our plantings this took a toll on. Many will not come back. Some may come back from the roots. So it’s a waiting game before we decide plants have to be replaced.

Additions of color, to lift the spirit.

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  1. It Must be so satisfying to have designed and woven your own Deflected Double Weave. Well done. And so sorry to hear about your cold winter power outages, and thankful that Spring is on its way to you again. Great colour choices for your towels.

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