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The Front Side


In the last Post I promised you a picture of the front side of the scarf once it came off the loom.  The scarf does not have  a nice drape. It is heavy  or stiff so it  will most likely be cut up to create smaller objects. Oh why didn’t I sample? I’m using  a 16/2 bamboo  instead of the 10/2 bamboo used in the first piece for the next scarf. The fabric is now lighter and should give a nicer drape. Yes there is a color difference. Above  a Teal yarn in tabby. Below the second scarf on the loom using  a navy  tabby yarn.

Tabby: Navy 16/2 Bamboo

Tabby: Navy 16/2 Bamboo


The plants are beginning to think Spring has arrived in Houston. Hopefully they will look this nice after the rain stops.



More Shibori

Busy weaving handwoven Shibori scarves. This one, I took off the loom yesterday. The pattern threads I am pulling and knotting for dyeing. The next scarf is half woven using a different pattern.
imageWish my flowers still looked so nice. The heat has taken its toll.

At last finished

2 Scarves one hand painted warp

2 Scarves one hand painted warp

It’s always amazing to see how different colors of yarn used in the weft with the same warp will change the end results. These scarves were both woven on the same painted warp. The weave structure used was a manifold twill. The painted warp yarn is an 8/2 Tencel dyed with Procion MX dyes. The weft yarns for each scarf are a 10/2 bamboo yarn. The weft yarns where from 2 different manufactures, XIE Bamboo for the turquoise scarf and Webs bamboo (This yarn has been discontinued) for the red-purple scarf. The Webs bamboo is less tightly spun, so has less shine to it. It was a good decision to unweave a large part of the Red-purple scarf. The end result is better. Now what to weave for the next project.

The Magnolia's blooms are so fragrant.

The Magnolia’s blooms are so fragrant.

New Painted Warp

 Hand Painted warp for  scarf

Hand Painted warp for scarf

A new project is on the loom and ready to begin weaving if a few minutes can be squeezed in. The scarf  warp was painted with Procion MX dyes, using 3 colors. I’m planning on using a solid red purple Tencel for the Weft. The warp is also an 8/2 Tencel. I’ll be using an 8 harness manifold twill pattern that is a change of the draft used for the green painted shawl I just finished.

I will be off to HGA Convergence conference in Providence, RI tomorrow.  With classes, exhibits, the fashion show and vendor hall, I’ll be sure to come back full of inspiration and some photos to share.

To Bead or Not to Bead

3 beads on each twisted fringe group.

3 beads on each twisted fringe group.

To finish a handwoven scarf or shawl I will often add beads to the twisted fringe. Over time my collection of beads has grown. Some of my favorites are the Japanese beads with metallic finishes. An unusual touch can be added if teardrop, triangular or square cut beads are added. The number of beads used on each twisted fringe group will change the appearance. Bead size is also important. The beads need to be large enough to be noticeable but not so large as to over power.


Beads strung on one warp. This warp end will be twisted with a fringe twister and 5 other warp ends in it’s hemstitched group.



Each hemstitched group of warp ends which are twisted for fringe do not need to have beads added. Often I’ll put beads on every other or every third fringe group. Beads are strung on a single warp end within a fringe group before using a fringe twister to twist the group. The use of beads is to accent the scarf.


One bead on each group of twisted fringe. Position at lower edge of scarf.

One bead on each group of twisted fringe. Bead is placed near lower edge of scarf.


4 beads on every other twisted fringe group.




Treadling Change Ups

Fire Scarf

This is my version of fire. Variegated yarns in the warp gives color play one can not get from solid yarns.

Changing the treadling creates a totally different look. Spots before my eyes.

Taking time to measure


Ferns and Flowers, weaving design by Bertha Gray Hayes

This is the next scarf on the variegated bamboo warp used in the previous blog. The look of the warp yarn is completely changed this time by using a burgundy 16\2 bamboo yarn for the tabby or tie-down yarn. I’m using a single color for the weft pattern yarn this time. It is a gold 8/2 Tencel yarn. The Tencel has a sheen that the bamboo yarn does not have. The last scarf my beat was not consistent, resulting in an obvious unevenness in the pattern in different places in the scarf. That’s what I get for not measuring the pattern repeats as I wove. This time I have measurements taken and will try not to let things around me affect the quality of my weaving.

In the Groove


At last The Baby Mac is setup and I’m weaving. this is a four harness overshot weave. 3 shuttles ( 2 pattern shuttles and 1 tie down or tabby). I put my tabby on treadles 1 and 2, then leave treadle 3 empty, with the pattern on 4 thru 7. This helps me keep my feet in the right position. Of course this requires 7 treadles.

A Shell Net Cowl


The crocheted cowl has been completed. It took longer to make than the crocheted Möbius from an earlier post. The design was from the book: Crochet One-Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant & Edie Eckman.

20140119-194103.jpgThe design was named “Shell Net Cowl” designed by Ryan Hollist. I did fewer rounds than the pattern called for, used a different yarn and added additional shells to make the cowl longer. My cowl is made from a variegated rayon yarn from my stash. Doing these crochet projects has me wondering if I might add crochet to some future weaving projects.

Houston Handweavers Sale

Scarves and Shawls

Scarves and Shawls

Towels and Bookmarks

Towels and Bookmarks

My items are all tagged and packed ready for check-in at the Houston Handweavers Sale. Today I helped with setting up the sale. It’s amazing how items entered by 40 some members is organized into a beautiful display by a small group of volunteers. Tomorrow when the sale opens the challenge will be to keep that display as beautiful as it was at the end of set-up.