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What’s on the Loom


Kitchen towels of 8/2 cotton. I’ve named this color scheme “Fire”. The first 3 towels will look like this. While in the next 2, I’m using red in the weft in addition to the orange and yellow. This is a Bronson Lace weave structure.

Back Again

Shadow weave

I’ve been away several months while life got in the way. To be more exact the CHH Artisans Market. I’m using Blogsy to write this post. I purchased Blogsy quite awhile ago but never used it. Ironically they just came out with a newer version. My current weaving project is Shadow Weave towels of cotton and linen blend yarn. Notice how the purple yarn appears to be a different color depending on if it has the teal or light green yarn surrounding it. Yes their will be a couple of these in the sale.