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A Shell Net Cowl


The crocheted cowl has been completed. It took longer to make than the crocheted Möbius from an earlier post. The design was from the book: Crochet One-Skein Wonders edited by Judith Durant & Edie Eckman.

20140119-194103.jpgThe design was named “Shell Net Cowl” designed by Ryan Hollist. I did fewer rounds than the pattern called for, used a different yarn and added additional shells to make the cowl longer. My cowl is made from a variegated rayon yarn from my stash. Doing these crochet projects has me wondering if I might add crochet to some future weaving projects.

A Möbius for Warmth

Crocheted Wool Möbius

Crocheted Wool Möbius

Recent weather across the US has been extremely cold. Living in Missouri City, TX a southern suburb of Houston we may not reach freezing temps in the winter. If my house was built for cold temperatures it wouldn’t be such a problem. To help cope I went into the trunk and pulled out wool yarn purchased when I lived in Kansas. The yarn has bits of colored cotton spun into the wool. After moving to Texas I found few people weave with wool, thus why the yarn was in the trunk. Next I searched for those crotchet hooks in the studio that hadn’t been used in years. Once one learns how to crochet it is easily picked up again after a hiatus. This Möbius has helped to keep me warm the last two days with freezing temperatures at night and cold days. This project  I whipped out over the weekend as football played on the TV. Simple chain stitch and double crotchet. I’m itching to make a different designed one using a smaller rayon multi-color yarn. Stay tuned.

Christmas Baking and Steves Homestead

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

The Christmas Cookies are all baked, and some have been eaten. There are 6 types this year: Sandbakkels, Spritz, Pine cones, Russian Teacakes, Chocolate Crinkles, and Peanut Butter Kisses. Tradition requires the baking of some  every year as in requests of family members for their favorite cookie. This year the Sandbakkels and Pine cones were added after the purchasing of Tins at the “Minneapolis Swedish Institute” .  The cookie platter is on a hand quilted  table runner I made many years ago.  Its placement on the diningroom table is another tradition.

Steves Homestead Cookie Tree

Steves Homestead Cookie Tree

This cookie tree can be seen at the” Steves Homestead ” ( House Museum) in San Antonio, TX. The home was all decorated for Christmas when we toured it. The cookie tree was recreated  in the kitchen. Each downstairs room contained a Christmas tree. If you enjoy touring Historic Homes, I definitely recommend the Steves Homestead.

Happy Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Shadow weave towels with beaded counted cross stitch (Fall Leaves designed by Mill Hill)

Pumpkin Shadow weave towels with beaded counted cross stitch (Fall Leaves designed by Mill Hill)

Hope you have  a gastronomic holiday full of wonderful food, friendship and love  this Thanksgiving weekend. I am thankful for my loving family, friends and health. Thank you for taking the time to read  and interact with me on my blog.

Quilt Festival Inspiration

Illinois Album  by Jane Sassaman

Illinois Album
by Jane Sassaman

Though I haven’t done any quilting in a long time, the international Quilt Festival in Houston, TX is not to be missed. Between the Vendor Hall and the Quilt exhibits, it is difficult to see it all in one day. My legs are still tired 24 hours later while my brain is imaging all those delicious pattern and color combinations. This year I didn’t buy any fabric, but did buy a jacket pattern to use with some of my handwoven fabric in the future. Other purchases included: novelty threads to weave not sew with, Zippers for handbags, beads for weaving accents, and Dye and synthrapol from PRO Chemical and Dye. After tackling the Vendor Hall I spent time wandering the quilt displays.These are a few of my favorites.
The Peacock by Amira Wishinsky Technique: Bobbin Lace

The Peacock
by Amira Wishinsky
Technique: Bobbin Lace

Believe II by Reiko Nobata

Believe II
by Reiko Nobata

Pumpkin Inspiration

Shadow Weave Towels

Shadow Weave Towels

Inspiration for these shadow weave towels come from the pumpkins seen everywhere at Halloween. Usually I use cottolin for shadow weave towels. For these 8/2 cotton is used with the same sett as if using cottolin, 20 ends per inch. A ten dent reed is used with 2 ends per dent. Weaving is done with 2 shuttles. The third shuttle was used when weaving the stripes at the base of the towel.


These zinnas could have been used for inspiration instead. This picture was taken on a much sunnier day than today. Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and goblins out there.

Just a Little Warped

Warping Board with warp for towelsGrape yarnsFall colors towels


Took a break from weaving to prepare 2 warps. The warping board has several guide strings hanging down that are for different warp length measurements. Each of the warps pictured, will be woven as 8 harness, shadow weave towels. The grape or purple warp will be tied to the end of the fall leaf colored warp, after those towels are woven and cut off. Tying on to an existing warp takes just as long as setting up the loom initially, but there is one benefit there will be no threading errors or denting errors.

New shelves
This shows my new yarn storage shelves. Half of the yarn had been in boxes, bags or simply stacked in a closet. Of course the yarn I always wanted was on the bottom of the pile. My husbands solution was to increase my shelve space. So all the yarn was taken off existing shelves, to move in the new shelves. The yarn is sorted by type and color when possible and placed on the new shelves. This is the real reason I couldn’t weave this weekend, The loom was surrounded by yarn. So I warped instead.

Holiday Decorations

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

For a change of pace I dabble in other fiber arts, quilting, beaded counted cross-stitch, and needlepoint. Some projects are kits, others not. These are often used to decorate our home.