Wholly Lace

"Wholly Lace", was the theme for this years swatch exchange. Each year the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston have a swatch exchange. The subject varies from year to year. Themes tend to be structure based like this years or artistic. Swatch Swap has taken place since 1990. Twenty Seven years and this was only my second... Continue Reading →

The Tale of 2 Scarves

I find it hard to weave two things alike. My ¬†brain wants change. Boredom sets in, and distractions keep me from the loom. So something gets changed up. It's usually not worth putting a warp on that only makes one finished item so I change the treadling, tie up, or weft yarns used. The scarf... Continue Reading →

Canvas weave towels

The weaving study group I belong to chose linen as their topic for the year. Individuals were to weave samples ¬†with at least 50% linen. Linen needs to be used in the warp or weft, with no fibers blended with the linen. I have linen in my stash but do not weave with it very... Continue Reading →

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