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Not Weaving


It’s hard to weave when your loom is folded up. The loom is waiting to be moved out of the room while the carpet padding is replaced. Then the existing carpet will be re-laid and cleaned. It has been a very unproductive time.

In desperation I dusted off the inkle loom and warped it. It had been a while so the 1st attempt at warping I cut off and threw away. It felt good to do something with my hands, while the construction people are in the house. About 1 1/2 yards of 1/2 inch wide trim this made. The trim is really too wide for loops on towels.

So I put a longer warp on the inkle and am weaving a narrow trim 5/16 inches wide. This should work on future towels. when finished there will be 2 1/2 yds, maybe a little more.

My large loom is open and back to its designated place. A Shadow weave towel warp is being threaded. The best part is our reconstruction is almost complete.

Tablet Weaving

Examples of Tablet Weaving

Examples of Tablet Weaving

On this past Friday I took a class on Tablet Weaving taught by Michael Cook. Michael has done some incredible Tablet Woven pieces. On his website you can see examples of his work.  Http://

Michael Cook demonstrating  Tablet Weaving

Michael Cook demonstrating Tablet Weaving

Our looms were warped with black and white 10/2 mercerized cotton, using 15 tablets. This gives one a narrow band when woven.  More cards are used to increase the width of the band.  I used a Schacht inkle loom to weave on. The tablets are turned forward and backward to weave the pattern. Tablet Weaving seemed counter intuitive to me at first. Michael was very patient and encouraging as we learned the technique. The handout provided is also very helpful.

The next day at home I continued to practice Tablet weaving. My sampler was looking better. So in this case practice makes perfect or at least better.

Tablet Weaving on Inkle Loom

Tablet Weaving on Inkle Loom


Inkle loom weaving


My inkle loom has been dusted off. I’m busily weaving off a simple band started long ago. The book,”The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory” by Anne Dixon, was a holiday gift. It will be hard to choose one of the 400 warp faced patterns from this book to weave next