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Tessellations and Koloman Moser


Knotted pillow case, 1898, Koloman Moser.

Koloman Moser : Designing Modern Vienna, 1897-1907 exhibit closed today at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Yesterday I was lucky to be able to view it. The use of tessellations in his designs, surprised me. The tessellations brought back memories of a workshop with Jennifer Moore, a weaver known for her double weave pieces. In this design workshop we played with making tessalations. A tessellation is when you cover a surface with a pattern of flat shapes so there are no overlaps or gaps. The pattern is made by repeating a shape following a mathematical pattern.


By Koloman Moser.
Example of tessellation’s in his design work.


By Koloman Moser.
A portion of Poster for Frommes Kalender, 1889, execution: Albert Berger, Vienna.

The design revolution that Koloman Moser pioneered in Vienna still influences us today.