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Colors That Pop


Chennille scarf

This painted skein of yarn intrigued me when shopping at HGA Convergence vendor hall in 2014. There was only one skein with this color scheme, yet it would be enough for warp for one scarf with some to spare.

Once  I got the painted warp on the loom and tried to cross it in the weft with different colors, green, bright blue, gold, each color just seemed to create mud. Then I remembered the cone of black chenille in my stash from years ago. A perfect solution. The warp colors now popped. The chenille gave a softness to the scarf that would be warmer in the cool months than if Tencel was used in the weft.

Weft color choices will enhance the warp 🙂 or leave you wondering what was I thinking 😦

Finished natural dye extract scarves

Hand painted natural dyes with added fabric paintstik highlights

Hand painted natural dyes with added fabric paintstik highlights

This silk  scarf was one of two done in a natural dye extract class at HGA Convergence 2014, taught by Linda Hartshorn. In a earlier post I showed this scarf before I had washed the residual dye out. Waiting the 2 weeks to wash was painful. Very little of the dye washed out, so it was worth the wait. After washing I was unhappy with the indigo squiggles.

Before adding paintstik outlines

Before adding paintstik outlines

The added paintstik highlights added some bling and refined the indigo edges.

Stamped  natural dye extract scarf

Stamped natural dye extract scarf

The above scarf was also done in this workshop. It is much simpler in appearance. Thicken natural dyes were painted on a stamp then applied to the scarf. The leaves were indigo and the bees were logwood. For the bees I would choose a different natural dye to use if I was doing this again. The class was a great way to explore a new technique. An added benefit is walking away with 2 finished scarves to wear myself or give as a gift.