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Coral Finnish Weave Scarf

Coral Finnish Weave ScarfOn the loom is the second scarf in Finnish Weave. The scarf is of 20/2 silk yarn. A Blue warp with a coral colored weft yarn. I use a sticky note to help follow the treadling pattern. Moving the sticky note after weaving 4 to 8 throws of the shuttle. This has helped to reduce errors from losing my place in the treadling sequence.

I’ll end this post with a view of the Gulf of Mexico, as we walked along the beach on Labor Day.


Silk Finnish Weave Scarf

The first scarf has been cut off the loom. When I started weaving I was not happy with the weft yarn I had chosen after weaving a couple of inches. The reddish plum-colored silk yarn used for the weft, looked more like a burgundy from the interaction with the blue silk warp. I found this color combination dowdy. So I choose to remove the weaving by carefully cutting out the weft yarn. After looking through my stash of silk yarns, I choose to use two, the 20/2 silk, reddish plum yarn I had just removed, with a 60/2 silk, Felt green yarn. Two separate bobbins are wound each with one of these yarns. The 2 bobbins are placed in a double shuttle for weaving. When using this shuttle care needs to be taken at the selvage. At times one of the yarns feeds differently, creating a small loop. The Felt green yarn made the design pop. The second scarf will be woven with a different color combination.


Dye Day with Warp Painting

Over the weekend I attended a Dye Day at the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, Guild House. You bring your prepared yarns in skein form or pre-warped segments for dyeing. An assortment of stock dye colors are premixed for our use. These stock colors can than be mixed to create a wide spectrum of colors. Syringes are used to accurately measure the stock dyes into small cups. Distilled water can be added to dilute dyes for less intense colors. After mixing dye, a drop or two is put on a coffee filter to preview the color once dried. At this point a decision on whether to use as is or make additions to the color that has been premixed, must be made. To help in making decisions on colors to select for use, there were dyed yarn samples with formulas for mixing of colors. When warp painting with Sabracon F dyes, they will bleed into one another creating new colors. There is the possibility of creating muddy colored areas. My fiber of choice for this project is 20/2 silk pre-warped in one inch sections, enough for a shawl. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I painted this warp. The bright green was supposed to be a Teal like color but turned out more greeny. I’m hoping when this finally makes it to the loom it can be toned down with the weft yarn used. The other alternative is to over dye the pre-warped sections.

Silk ribbons scarf

Silk Handwoven Scarf.

Silk Handwoven Scarf.

On the loom is a silk 20/2, fancy twill weave scarf. The silk yarn was purchased at the Convergence conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico from “Red Fish Dye Works”. Their booth is just eye candy, with all the beautiful colors that they dye themselves. The scarf uses a variegated yarn as well as a solid colored yarn. the colors in the variegated yarns are softened by using a light colored weft versus a dark color, which would tend to make the colors pop. The stripes of variegated yarn in the scarf remind me of ribbons. I’ve put severally rows of “jump yarn” in the weft near the ends of the scarf. I’m hoping for these areas to collapse slightly giving a shirring or ruffle effect to the scarf. In a later post I will show want happens.