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Weaving for Cat Toys


Cat Toy Fabric

Today was spent at the Guild House volunteering my time to weave fabric for “Cat Toys”. Our weaving guild sells the cat toys at our annual sale to raise money for the guild. In past years the fabric was  woven by guild members demonstrating at the Houston Rodeo. The rodeo changed exhibits this year and did not need weavers and spinners to demonstrate. So weaving for the cat toys would be done on one of two pre-warped looms at the Guild House. The nice thing about weaving this fabric is the freedom to change treadling and yarn colors when so inspired.  Since the cat toys are small it’s good to make frequent changes. The loom is set up with an 8 harness twill pattern.


More weaving variations for future cat toys

There’s still more warp on the loom, allowing someone else some creative time for a good cause. Does your weaving guild weave items to raise money?

Silk ribbons scarf

Silk Handwoven Scarf.

Silk Handwoven Scarf.

On the loom is a silk 20/2, fancy twill weave scarf. The silk yarn was purchased at the Convergence conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico from “Red Fish Dye Works”. Their booth is just eye candy, with all the beautiful colors that they dye themselves. The scarf uses a variegated yarn as well as a solid colored yarn. the colors in the variegated yarns are softened by using a light colored weft versus a dark color, which would tend to make the colors pop. The stripes of variegated yarn in the scarf remind me of ribbons. I’ve put severally rows of “jump yarn” in the weft near the ends of the scarf. I’m hoping for these areas to collapse slightly giving a shirring or ruffle effect to the scarf. In a later post I will show want happens.