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At last finished

2 Scarves one hand painted warp

2 Scarves one hand painted warp

It’s always amazing to see how different colors of yarn used in the weft with the same warp will change the end results. These scarves were both woven on the same painted warp. The weave structure used was a manifold twill. The painted warp yarn is an 8/2 Tencel dyed with Procion MX dyes. The weft yarns for each scarf are a 10/2 bamboo yarn. The weft yarns where from 2 different manufactures, XIE Bamboo for the turquoise scarf and Webs bamboo (This yarn has been discontinued) for the red-purple scarf. The Webs bamboo is less tightly spun, so has less shine to it. It was a good decision to unweave a large part of the Red-purple scarf. The end result is better. Now what to weave for the next project.

The Magnolia's blooms are so fragrant.

The Magnolia’s blooms are so fragrant.


unweavingStanding back from my loom I discovered a weaving mistake. Some how I skipped a section of the pattern repeat. What to do? First things first, I walked away till the next day. This was not a simple mistake to fix. After contemplating to just finish the scarf as is or unweave back to the mistake, I choose the  2nd one.  Since so much needed to be unwoven I decided to cut off the offending weft. Care must be taken to not cut the warp threads. The weft was fairly easy to remove. The warp threads are 8/2 Tencel which have a slick surface. This made it easier to pull out the 10/2 bamboo weft after cutting it. I removed an inch or 2 below where you see also.  There was one “opps”.cut_warp I’ve laid in another warp thread to replace the broken one. So I will attempt to weave again. The trick will be staying focused.

Progress and decisions

Manifold Twill  weave

Manifold Twill weave

Color choices

Color choices

Decisions, decisions. I made one on weft color. Here were the finalists. From the Left: hand painted green teal, a salmon,  and a Nile green. I used a 20/2 silk yarn that was hand painted in the skein with two of the colors used in the warp alternating in multiple stripes around the skein. The non solid color warp seemed to soften the sharpness of the green in the warp.

The threading of the warp took longer than anticipated. The piece has border diamonds on each side. I miss calculated how to get the same border on each side. Resulting in the need to rethread half the width.  Should have spent more time with my weaving software.  Hope to have off the loom this week. More decisions will be made then on beads for fringe and how many. Happy weaving!

In the Works

painted silk
Warping of the painted silk  has begun. It’s ready to be sleyed and threaded. The warp was painted earlier at a dye day at the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston‘s Guild House. I wasn’t excited about the results,  so I set it aside for a few months. Now I’m ready to put my design ideas to work. I will be threading an 8 harness manifold weave.  I’m still debating weft colors so that will probably need some sampling.
imageOn the inkle loom a new tablet weaving is in the works using three colors in the warp and 16 tablets .

There is still one loom naked so I hope this next week to work on another project for it.


Dye Day with Warp Painting

Over the weekend I attended a Dye Day at the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, Guild House. You bring your prepared yarns in skein form or pre-warped segments for dyeing. An assortment of stock dye colors are premixed for our use. These stock colors can than be mixed to create a wide spectrum of colors. Syringes are used to accurately measure the stock dyes into small cups. Distilled water can be added to dilute dyes for less intense colors. After mixing dye, a drop or two is put on a coffee filter to preview the color once dried. At this point a decision on whether to use as is or make additions to the color that has been premixed, must be made. To help in making decisions on colors to select for use, there were dyed yarn samples with formulas for mixing of colors. When warp painting with Sabracon F dyes, they will bleed into one another creating new colors. There is the possibility of creating muddy colored areas. My fiber of choice for this project is 20/2 silk pre-warped in one inch sections, enough for a shawl. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I painted this warp. The bright green was supposed to be a Teal like color but turned out more greeny. I’m hoping when this finally makes it to the loom it can be toned down with the weft yarn used. The other alternative is to over dye the pre-warped sections.