unweavingStanding back from my loom I discovered a weaving mistake. Some how I skipped a section of the pattern repeat. What to do? First things first, I walked away till the next day. This was not a simple mistake to fix. After contemplating to just finish the scarf as is or unweave back to the mistake, I choose the  2nd one.  Since so much needed to be unwoven I decided to cut off the offending weft. Care must be taken to not cut the warp threads. The weft was fairly easy to remove. The warp threads are 8/2 Tencel which have a slick surface. This made it easier to pull out the 10/2 bamboo weft after cutting it. I removed an inch or 2 below where you see also.  There was one “opps”.cut_warp I’ve laid in another warp thread to replace the broken one. So I will attempt to weave again. The trick will be staying focused.


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  1. When in doubt, pull it out!!! I’ve been known to pull out an entire scarf on the loom (and save and rewind the yarn!) and to frog out an entire sweater and reknit the yarn. Yarn is too expensive (and I’m too cheap!) to waste it. I support and defend your decision to pull out that mistake…you’ll love the finished product all the more.


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