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My Convergence 2018

View from Peppermill Hotel room of mountains, just try to ignore the aircondioning units on roof. This was as close as I got to these mountains.

Of the 3 seminars I took my favorite was by Inge Dam; “Borders and Selvages Inspired by Ancient Techniques”. This was not a hands on class, but tables were set-up so she could demonstrate how tablet weaving can be done on edges and within a woven piece. She was very sharing of the knowledge she has attained.

Fashion show garment. Second place in Fashion show.
By Inge Dam

Close-up of tablet weaving done within the fabric.

Collapse Deflected Double weave was another seminar I took. Denise Kovnat shared a wealth of DDW samples and drafts. The collapse occurs by using an active and non-active yarn or a yarn that shrinks and one that doesn’t.

A fun activity was the Fabulous MGM Costumes. A historical look at MGM shows and costumes.

We were able to see many different costumes, including shoes and headgear. Some costumes were more revealing than others. All the crystals were Swarovski, making them heavy as well as expensive. In today’s world these costumes would have been to costly to make.

Convergence was a whirlwind of classes, art exhibits, and special events. The keynote speaker: Jason Collingwood gave a humorous look at his weaving life story. Attendees were very open and sharing. After viewing all that creativity during the conference the question is how will it be applied to my own work.

Can I do this?

imageAfter taking a workshop, I always wonder if I can do this on my own. When I took the workshop on Tablet weaving we did not wind our own warps. Michael Cook the instructor supplied pre-warped tablets that we put directly on our inkle looms. He did demonstrate a method of continuous warping, which is done directly onto the inkle loom.  So at home after finishing the class sampler it was time to wind my own warp. 

First though I bought  a new cone stand. This stand is made by Fiber Artist Supply Co., LLC.   My husband said he couldn’t make it for what their price was. Also, I purchased an additional set 25 tablets (2 1\2 inch square thin laminate cards), that fit perfectly in my hand, from Lacis. So now I have 31 Tablets.( In retrospect I probably should have bought 2 sets.)
Band woven with 16 tablets, using 10/2 mercerized cotton in Navy, and lt. blue.

Next will be to try using more than 2 colors.  This will add more interest, but will make warping a bit more difficult.



Tablet Weaving

Examples of Tablet Weaving

Examples of Tablet Weaving

On this past Friday I took a class on Tablet Weaving taught by Michael Cook. Michael has done some incredible Tablet Woven pieces. On his website you can see examples of his work.  Http://

Michael Cook demonstrating  Tablet Weaving

Michael Cook demonstrating Tablet Weaving

Our looms were warped with black and white 10/2 mercerized cotton, using 15 tablets. This gives one a narrow band when woven.  More cards are used to increase the width of the band.  I used a Schacht inkle loom to weave on. The tablets are turned forward and backward to weave the pattern. Tablet Weaving seemed counter intuitive to me at first. Michael was very patient and encouraging as we learned the technique. The handout provided is also very helpful.

The next day at home I continued to practice Tablet weaving. My sampler was looking better. So in this case practice makes perfect or at least better.

Tablet Weaving on Inkle Loom

Tablet Weaving on Inkle Loom