Can I do this?

imageAfter taking a workshop, I always wonder if I can do this on my own. When I took the workshop on Tablet weaving we did not wind our own warps. Michael Cook the instructor supplied pre-warped tablets that we put directly on our inkle looms. He did demonstrate a method of continuous warping, which is done directly onto the inkle loom.  So at home after finishing the class sampler it was time to wind my own warp. 

First though I bought  a new cone stand. This stand is made by Fiber Artist Supply Co., LLC.   My husband said he couldn’t make it for what their price was. Also, I purchased an additional set 25 tablets (2 1\2 inch square thin laminate cards), that fit perfectly in my hand, from Lacis. So now I have 31 Tablets.( In retrospect I probably should have bought 2 sets.)
Band woven with 16 tablets, using 10/2 mercerized cotton in Navy, and lt. blue.

Next will be to try using more than 2 colors.  This will add more interest, but will make warping a bit more difficult.




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