Filling my Days

Like most of you I have plenty of time on my hands staying at home. Weaving, spinning, reading, counted cross stitch, e-mails, text messages, cooking and TV fill my days. Occasionally housework or yard work does too. These 2 scarves were woven on the same painted warp yarn using different colored weft yarns. The pattern... Continue Reading →

Taking time to measure

This is the next scarf on the variegated bamboo warp used in the previous blog. The look of the warp yarn is completely changed this time by using a burgundy 16\2 bamboo yarn for the tabby or tie-down yarn. I'm using a single color for the weft pattern yarn this time. It is a gold... Continue Reading →

In the Groove

At last The Baby Mac is setup and I'm weaving. this is a four harness overshot weave. 3 shuttles ( 2 pattern shuttles and 1 tie down or tabby). I put my tabby on treadles 1 and 2, then leave treadle 3 empty, with the pattern on 4 thru 7. This helps me keep my... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Threading

Finally got back to the Baby Mac loom and finished the shadow weave towels. It's time to move on to another weave structure. I choose a 4 harness weave pattern by Bertha Hayes. As you can see, I'm Setting up the loom. 1/2 the warp is dented thru the reed at 30 epi. The warp... Continue Reading →

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