The Dreaded Threading

20140115-162437.jpgFinally got back to the Baby Mac loom and finished the shadow weave towels. It’s time to move on to another weave structure. I choose a 4 harness weave pattern by Bertha Hayes. As you can see, I’m Setting up the loom. 1/2 the warp is dented thru the reed at 30 epi. The warp is a hand dyed variegated 10/2 bamboo yarn I purchased a few years ago. Haven’t finalized the weft yet, want to try a couple of different colors and fibers. There is enough warp length for 2 scarves.

20140115-163013.jpgI’ve really been procrastinating with setting up the Kessnich 8 harness loom. I’m threading an 8 harness undulating twill. Threading is probably my least favorite part of weaving. It’s time to crack the whip, and get on task. The undulating twill, has a warp of variegated 8/2 Tencel (sapphire). Once again I need to play with colors for the weft.  So back to the loom I go.


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