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Small Bags



So what do you do with all the small pieces of  handwoven fabric from sampling and weaving off a warp? Small bags with and without a strap are one possibility.


With pockets







                                                  Antique button closure


Simple, but elegant

The possibilities are endless.


Happy Holidays to all, and may your New Year be filled with many fiber related projects.






img_0814 Hard to believe this Weave It throw has been in the works for too many years. One of those projects begun before I owned a floor loom, ( 30 some years ago), which seems a life time ago. In moving around my studio this year it required the emptying of the walk-in closet for painting. What should I come across but a bag full of Weave It squares and some skeins of matching yarn. The original goal was to make an Afghan or throw, but there were not enough squares In that bag. I hate unfinished projects langushing away in hidden places. So do I trash them or finish what I had begun years ago. The nice thing about Weave It looms is they are very portable and easy to work on in the evening while sitting by the TV.


So the obsessive work continued. Enough squares were made for a throw 13 squares by 11 squares. Each square is about 4 x 4 inches. A total of 143 squares, which were then crocheted together and all the ends sewn in.

Do you have unfinished projects tucked away?  Should they be resurrected and brought back to life? More incomplete projects remain in my closet, maybe another will be completed in the coming year.

A Möbius for Warmth

Crocheted Wool Möbius

Crocheted Wool Möbius

Recent weather across the US has been extremely cold. Living in Missouri City, TX a southern suburb of Houston we may not reach freezing temps in the winter. If my house was built for cold temperatures it wouldn’t be such a problem. To help cope I went into the trunk and pulled out wool yarn purchased when I lived in Kansas. The yarn has bits of colored cotton spun into the wool. After moving to Texas I found few people weave with wool, thus why the yarn was in the trunk. Next I searched for those crotchet hooks in the studio that hadn’t been used in years. Once one learns how to crochet it is easily picked up again after a hiatus. This Möbius has helped to keep me warm the last two days with freezing temperatures at night and cold days. This project  I whipped out over the weekend as football played on the TV. Simple chain stitch and double crotchet. I’m itching to make a different designed one using a smaller rayon multi-color yarn. Stay tuned.