A Möbius for Warmth

Crocheted Wool Möbius
Crocheted Wool Möbius

Recent weather across the US has been extremely cold. Living in Missouri City, TX a southern suburb of Houston we may not reach freezing temps in the winter. If my house was built for cold temperatures it wouldn’t be such a problem. To help cope I went into the trunk and pulled out wool yarn purchased when I lived in Kansas. The yarn has bits of colored cotton spun into the wool. After moving to Texas I found few people weave with wool, thus why the yarn was in the trunk. Next I searched for those crotchet hooks in the studio that hadn’t been used in years. Once one learns how to crochet it is easily picked up again after a hiatus. This Möbius has helped to keep me warm the last two days with freezing temperatures at night and cold days. This project  I whipped out over the weekend as football played on the TV. Simple chain stitch and double crotchet. I’m itching to make a different designed one using a smaller rayon multi-color yarn. Stay tuned.


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