Finished natural dye extract scarves

This silk  scarf was one of two done in a natural dye extract class at HGA Convergence 2014, taught by Linda Hartshorn. In a earlier post I showed this scarf before I had washed the residual dye out. Waiting the 2 weeks to wash was painful. Very little of the dye washed out, so it... Continue Reading →

Painted Scarves with natural dye extracts

One of the classes I took at Convergence last week was " Silk painting and stamping with natural dye extracts". The class was taught by Linda Hartshorn. Here are some of the dye results. Mine is the center scarf in the front row of the above photo. We had lots of fun in this class.  The... Continue Reading →

New Painted Warp

A new project is on the loom and ready to begin weaving if a few minutes can be squeezed in. The scarf  warp was painted with Procion MX dyes, using 3 colors. I'm planning on using a solid red purple Tencel for the Weft. The warp is also an 8/2 Tencel. I'll be using an... Continue Reading →

Natural Dye Day

Indigo, Logwood, Brazilwood, Osage Orange, Peach, Lichen, Cochineal, Achiote, Onion skins, Henna, Golden Rod and Madder were all used to make Natural Dye baths. Cheryl, a member of our WOW study group hosted a natural dye day at her home. From her days in Louisiana working at a plantation hosting Natural dyeing and weaving activities,... Continue Reading →

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