Painted Scarves with natural dye extracts

Silk painted scarves with natural dye extracts.
Silk painted scarves with natural dye extracts.

One of the classes I took at Convergence last week was ” Silk painting and stamping with natural dye extracts”. The class was taught by Linda Hartshorn. Here are some of the dye results. Mine is the center scarf in the front row of the above photo. We had lots of fun in this class.  The scarves are hanging to dry so we can take them home. After 2 weeks we can press them with a steam iron, than rinse them out. The colors will be lighter than you see, we were told. We used fustic, indigo, madder, logwood purple, cochineal, and maybe one or two more I don’t remember. Of course I bought some extracts at the vendor hall. I’d like to try dyeing on my own. Below are photos of more scarves done in the class by others. Such a variety of creative ideas.


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  1. What a fun workshop! I took something similar with Gail Denton in Taos & enjoyed using the extracts. I think you will find several ways to be creative!


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