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Same Warp Different Designs

Rep FlowersOk, I’ve been offline for a long time. Life got in the way. Some good and some bad , but  I’m going to try to get back in the groove of posting more often. These Rep weave pieces were woven with the warp from Rosalie Nielson’s workshop last October.( I don’t yet have another warp on that loom.) They were all done using the same tie-up. The different looks were created using treadling variations and weft differences. The first is a traditional rep weave, an original design. Applying the  design tools learned in Rosalie’s workshop made creating an original design a breeze.Cell Rep

This runner  does not have the thin weft in between each thick weft. It gives a totally different look. The weft is also half the thickness as the traditional rep runner. Below is a close up of a sample piece with this technique.

Rep close up

I’ll close with these Spring flowers from a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum.


Designing with Rep Weave

Design 1 for Rep Table runner.

Design 1 for Rep Table runner.

Hard to believe that over a week ago I was taking my second workshop from  Rosalie Neilson.

Rosalie Neilson's program for Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Guild meeting, Oct. 2015

Rosalie Neilson’s program for Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Guild meeting , Oct. 2015

We have set up our looms to weave  tables runners. There will be enough warp to weave 11 different motifs. I plan to do 2 table runners, not one long one.

Tied on and ready to weave.

Tied on and ready to weave.

Rosalie teaches a new method of designing for rep weave Her tools and techniques can be applied to other block weaves. With my 8 shaft loom I have 4 blocks available for designing. There are a mind boggling 1,024 possibilities of combinations. ( There is a future book that Rosalie will publish on these design techniques. One of these will definitely find it’s way into my weaving library.)

Another rep motif  woven

Another rep motif woven  

My color scheme was inspired by pumpkins. Two motifs down and 9 to go!