Same Warp Different Designs

Rep FlowersOk, I’ve been offline for a long time. Life got in the way. Some good and some bad , but  I’m going to try to get back in the groove of posting more often. These Rep weave pieces were woven with the warp from Rosalie Nielson’s workshop last October.( I don’t yet have another warp on that loom.) They were all done using the same tie-up. The different looks were created using treadling variations and weft differences. The first is a traditional rep weave, an original design. Applying the  design tools learned in Rosalie’s workshop made creating an original design a breeze.Cell Rep

This runner  does not have the thin weft in between each thick weft. It gives a totally different look. The weft is also half the thickness as the traditional rep runner. Below is a close up of a sample piece with this technique.

Rep close up

I’ll close with these Spring flowers from a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum.


11 responses to “Same Warp Different Designs

  1. Wow! These are very interesting as well as beautiful. I have followed her work and would love to have attended the workshop.


    • Judith, Our workshop was the first she had done sharing the design tools. In the near future she will be publishing a book with the techniques. But nothing is like a good workshop.


  2. Good job on designing a totally different looking piece.


  3. I especially love the traditional version but it’s interesting to see the other as well–I didn’t know that was even an option! I really want to learn rep weave


  4. Really great to see your work in person!


  5. Great to see the new designs and a different approach to rep. I look forward to Rosalie’s new book.

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