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Houston Handweavers Sale

Scarves and Shawls

Scarves and Shawls

Towels and Bookmarks

Towels and Bookmarks

My items are all tagged and packed ready for┬ácheck-in at the Houston Handweavers Sale. Today I helped with setting up the sale. It’s amazing how items entered by 40 some members is organized into a beautiful display by a small group of volunteers. Tomorrow when the sale opens the challenge will be to keep that display as beautiful as it was at the end of set-up.


Rodeo Weaving Time

CHH  weaving & spinning demonstrations at rodeo

CHH weaving & spinning demonstrations at rodeo

It’s Houston Livestock and Rodeo time. During the rodeo Contemporary Handweavers of Houston guild members volunteer by demonstrating weaving and spinning. The rodeo created this nice little raised booth for us. School groups come by week days as well as other visitors. We have members demonstrating on weekends also. Questions range from are you knitting, what are you making, how long does it take to set up, or learn, ect.. One man wanted to discuss the mechanics behind different loom designs. For the most part we talk about the process of taking fiber (wool or cotton), spinning it into yarn, then weaving the yarn into cloth. On this day there are 2 weavers and a spinner demonstrating. So what do we do with the fabric that is woven? Make cat toys which will be sold at the guilds annual sale in the fall. If you’re visiting the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Cotton Booth with small cotton gin, was next to our booth at the rodeo

Cotton Booth with small cotton gin, was next to our booth at rodeo

stop by our booth and talk a spell as we share our craft.