Linen and Huck


img_0820Linen and Huck lace weave go beautifully together. The loom was threaded with a bleached 16/2 linen  in an 8 shaft Huck lace pattern. These two towels and the following gray towel were woven on this warp.


The guild annual sale has come and gone. An amazing amount of work goes into putting on this event. It always amazes me how many towels we sell.



Cotton, linen, and cottolin towels of every weave structure. Inspiration for future projects the sale is full of. Since I weave more than I can use or gift, this is an event I participate in to support my guild. Hopefully it will continue to take place in future years or I will need to find a different outlet for my work.


Possibly a swallowtail, it’s definitely larger than the monarchs that visit. Not sure if he was resting, injured or drying his wings.


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  1. Those towels are beautiful–I love the idea of linen but don’t have very much experience weaving with it. And I only wish I had a local guild so they could have a show/sale and I could unload some of the weaving piling up around here! 🙂


      1. Minimally successful–we’ve had two sales. I think the main drawback is that weaving is so tactile and it’s really hard to convey that on Etsy. But since I already had an Etsy shop and knew the drill, it made doing the weaving shop kind of easy.


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