Rep Weave Workshop

Rep Weave- Warped faced

Rep Weave- Warped faced

My warp from the Rosalie Neilson‘s Rep Weave workshop put on by the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston guild, has been woven and is off the loom. It’s been a few years since I’ve woven Rep.
The workshop, “It’s in the Warp: Color& Design in Rep”, is  worth taking. Rosalie explained in a precise manner how this weave structure works. The 4 yd warp let one explore the design possibilities of this weave structure. Except for the trials caused by  the sticking harnesses on my 8 shaft Baby Mac loom this was a great workshop that I would highly recommend. Below are the pieces woven as I explored the possibilities of weaving rep.

rep 3

Rep 4

Rep 5

Rep 6

You can see other workshop participants rep weaving by clicking on this link:  The 15 weavers could choose from different pattern  threadings  so there is a variety of Rep patterns produced. .

14 responses to “Rep Weave Workshop

  1. Cheryl McWilliams

    What great ‘samples’! love the color combination you had.


  2. Nice experiments, Barb!


  3. These are wonderful samples! Great exploration of the possibilities. Thanks for posting. I hope you’ll bring them to the next meeting.


  4. Wow, I love number five! I’d like to try rep soon. 🙂


  5. Lovely samples! I haven’t woven rep but these are definitely inspiring!


  6. Beautiful! I’ve never woven anything like this but, then, I haven’t woven much at all yet! Rep weave looks very intriguing and the colors you chose seem perfect to show off the structure.


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