My version of a Holiday Towel

Bronson Lace Bronson Lace is one of my favorite weave structures. These will someday be towels when they’re off the loom and hemmed. I’ve used this pattern of my own design before. So if it looks vaguely familiar, you may have seen it in an earlier post. When arriving at these color choices, Christmas was... Continue Reading →

Weaving Exhibit MFAH – Olga de Amaral To Weave a Rock

Not often is there a major art museum that showcases the work of a modern day weaver. The work of Olga de Amaral, a Colombian textile artist is fascinating. Her work spans wall pieces to large free-standing installations. She is know for her use of gold on her pieces. These were some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Citrus Towels

Somewhere I lost my enthusiasm for blogging. The last few months my days no longer follow a routine. Which means less is accomplished with my time. I’m vowing to try to be more productive in all I do. The towels were inspired by oranges, lemons and limes. When Texas experienced the deep freeze in February... Continue Reading →

Exploring DDW

Often when I weave I’ll explore one weave structure for a while. The guild study group I’m a member of has been studying Deflected Double Weave this year via zoom of course. There has been a resurgence of interest in this weave structure since the publishing of Marian Stubenitsky’s book, Double with a Twist. I’ve... Continue Reading →

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