Color use in Deflected Double weave

Mid January I took a weaving workshop with Natalie Drummond, called Color Lab. In the Zoom workshop we did explorations into color selection for using painted warps in Deflected Double weave.

Of course at the time I did not have a painted warp to use. Following her principals in color selection and using different colors in the warp as well as the weft created a scarf that could be worn with a variety of outfits. It was fun to play with color beyond my normal.

So the scarf from the workshop is still on my table loom. Health issues have kept me from completing. A mild case of Covid even though fully vaccinated and boosted made it hard to spend time at the loom. What really has slowed my weaving to a crawl is an elbow injury. Weaving one handed is nearly impossible.

These towels were woven for a friend to gift. They have a wonderful hand from using cottolin yarn. ( so what is cottolin? A yarn that is made up of cotton and linen fibers.)

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Yes, we do have Spring in Texas. The amaryllis and roses are blooming. The vegetable garden is planted. Less variety this year after learning last year that once the summer heat sets in, the plants will not survive. There are Wax, and green beans, early girl tomatoes, and a cherry tomato plant. Some lettuce that will wither much sooner. We’ll try growing gourds. (I was fascinated when seeing them at Denver botanical gardens last summer.) Beside this garden Sunflower and zinnias are planted. The squirrels seem to really like the tender 🌱. Does not make me happy. Need to plant more seeds.

There’s a new member in our household. Star is a four year old Sheltie. She came from Houston Sheltie rescue. She’s very skittish. New habits need to be learned. It’s nice to have a dog in the household again.


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  1. I just found your blog. I hope you are on the mend from covid. Your weaving is beautiful and I am enjoying reading your posts. Thank you for sharing.


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