Little Gifts

Many of us have small pieces of weaving accumulated over the years. Some are from weaving off the end of a warp rather than waste. Others pieces are sampling done at the beginning of a project. I also have various lengths of hand woven fabric that contain weaving errors. What does one do with these other than hide them in a bag in the closet.

Our state weaving organization, Contemporary Handweavers of Texas, is having a conference in June 2021. My local guild has always provided small items for the gift/goodie bag for attendees. So I dug into that pile of small weaving to find pieces that will work for small gift bags like these made long ago.

To make the bags is quite simple. Cut a rectangle from the fabric, which when folded in half will be the approximate size of the bag. Fabric edges are finished with a 3 step zigzag. Fabric is folded in half. The two sides of the fabric are than sewn together with a straight stitch. To make the bags more special I crochet around the top to create a place for the tie closure and to add pizazz. This technique can be used to create any size of gift bag.

The vegetable garden has come in nicely with our warmer days. We have been replacing some of the plantings lost to the freeze. The only negative to this time of year is all the pollen in the air.

Visitor taking shelter in the Amaryllis

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