Finalizing the Year Past

Echo weave 10/2 cotton mercerized. Fresh off the loom before washing

The end of the year meant finishing work on the looms, to begin the new year fresh. The piece above is an echo weave in a different color combination from the one woven in, Denise Kovnat’s Echo and Jin workshop. My Jane loom is now waiting for a new warp to be put on.

The Jane table loom will be graced with a warp chosen for Natalie Drummond’s “Color Lab” 2 day workshop that I will be taking later this month by zoom. I hope to be able to learn more about the way she uses color in her beautiful deflected double weave scarves.

The Spring loom has a warp threaded but not sleyed. That will have to wait now. An injury to my right elbow which became more painful overtime and could not be ignored has slowed me down. A trip to the orthopedic surgeon gave a diagnosis of golfer’s elbow. I do not golf but lifting heavy suitcases can cause this and this what I did. A cortisone shot and brace to wear at night, with orders to use the arm minimally set me on my way. There will be no weaving done for the month of January. It doesn’t look like I will be able to setup the loom or wind any warps, let alone weave. The moral of the story is do not ignore your pain until it becomes debilitating.

Beaded cross-stitch ornaments

I’ve always enjoyed doing beaded counted cross stitch kits by Mill Hill. Christmas ornaments are my favorite. Over the years I have started many. Some became gifts others kept and others linger unfinished in a box. Finishing the last steps has often not been done. When I was on a cleaning mission these were found tucked away. I am proud to say most were completed and placed upon the tree.

My daughter gifted me the book “Ikat: the essential handbook to weaving resist-dyed cloth”, by Mary Zicafoose. I was supposed to take a workshop sponsored by our guild and taught by Mary last October. It was canceled due to Covid concerns. The book gives good exposure to what I would have learned. It has beautiful photos and is informative. I’m only on the chapter 3 but find the way the material is presented very readable.

When I write again hopefully some weaving has been accomplished and can be shared.

Birds seen on my morning walk thru the park.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your golfer’s elbow, Barbara. I had the same thing once from accidentally hitting the ground during my swing with my golf club. The orthopedist called it tennis elbow and gave me the cortisone shot, too. It took a full year for all the pain to disappear, but the pain has never returned. I will be happy to sley your reed for you and get your loom ready for you to weave when you can.


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