My version of a Holiday Towel

Bronson Lace

Bronson Lace is one of my favorite weave structures. These will someday be towels when they’re off the loom and hemmed. I’ve used this pattern of my own design before. So if it looks vaguely familiar, you may have seen it in an earlier post. When arriving at these color choices, Christmas was on my mind.

Red and green always makes me think of Christmas when used together. A few towels used a natural weft yarn. Making another variation of this Christmas towel.

This is a green version, that required winding another warp to weave. It uses cottolin yarns. Being able to tie onto the previous warp let me avoid some of the potential set-up errors. One of these towels, is meant for someone special this Christmas.

I am tying on to this warp one last time. It will be the fourth time. These towels will have a light gray warp with plum stripes. The weft will be black. When this warp is woven it will be time to retire this pattern. Boredom does set in, even with the color changes. It’s time to move on. So many weave structures and colors to choose from and so little time to explore.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Sept 2020


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