Yarn Stash

UPS Yarn Delivery

Some weavers collect equipment, others collect yarn. This yarn is known as the proverbial “Stash”. I must admit to an addiction to yarn. Having had a recent birthday, I rewarded myself by shopping at the Anniversary Sale of one of my favorite yarn sources. Placing my order was not easy. Dig out yarns in current stash, from under table, in closet, and on shelves. Look for what color additions are needed for future weaving or additional yardage of current colors. I make my order list, but sleep on it. The next day I place the order after adding and subtracting yarns. Then the wait….. Yesterday the box arrived damaged. The yarn came through unscathed.

Yarn to drool over

So I will weave a scarf of Alpaca Silk. Cottolin and 8/2 cotton for future towels. Natural tencel I will weave and dye for Shibori scarves. But, first the cones need to be introduced to the rest of my stash. So up the stairs to the studio it goes. Now I just need to get busy and weave. Then I can buy more yarn.


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