Geometric Scarves

This scarf combines deflected double weave and plain weave creating bold geometric shapes. The pattern is quite different on the front and back.  8/2 tencel yarn in colors: Ming blue, shale and olive is used for the warp and the weft yarns. My last scarves woven with deflected double weave were the “Picasso inspired, Black and White”, written about in an earlier post.  After weaving those scarves I had a small amount of warp remaining on the loom, which was used for sampling. This sample was used for creating the pattern for the “Geometric Scarves”.

geometric b4 wet finishThe second picture shows the scarf off the loom but not yet wet finished. Wet finishing allows the yarns to shift or deflect. The tencel yarn also shrinks tightening up the weave structure of the fabric. This will be all for the deflected double weave pattern weaving. I need variety to keep from getting bored so the next  weaving will be an undulating twill.


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  1. You certainly have that special touch with colors & weave structures. I’m sure your scarves will sell well. Glad you are back & going strong after your surgery. Happy treadling!


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