What Could This Be?

imageWe went for a Sunday drive to Navasota, TX which was founded in 1831. Always ready to check out an antique store we found several here. The downtown is but a shadow of what it once was when the Houston and Texas Central Railway made Navasota an important shipping and marketing center. One can tell in it’s former life it was grand. Still we found 5 antique stores 2 of which were closed.
The last shop was where the above object was found. I always enjoy looking at old spinning wheels and other tools used to make cloth. It Is funny to see how someone unfamiliar with the piece for sale has put it together. The above piece was labeled as a “Yarn Winder”.

imageHere is an end view. And below a close up of the front.
Close up
I’m curious if this is really a yarn winder or what? Not that I want to acquire it but what and how would it be used?


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  1. It reminds me of the Indian (India) spinning wheels but is missing its spindle. They often show using string or thicker winding across between two sides that the drive band then goes around. I must admit that I know there is a difference to some wheels that are for yarn winding and spinning but haven’t gotten far enough to learn the difference if there is one. Looks just like one on this page http://www.aptoscruz.com/gallery?cat=106 can google Indian Spinning Wheel and see ones that are similar.


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