Yellow-crown Night-HeronimageI walk almost everyday to a park near my home. It’s such fun to see the water birds. This Yellow-crowned Night-Heron didn’t like it when I tried to get close enough for a picture with my phone. They stake out their own little space on the shoreline. He’s hoping a fish will swim by.

Continuing threading the loom with the silk painted warp. About 1/2 way thru the process. Hope I’ll be weaving by mid-week. The trick will be to stay focused.



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  1. We have a pair similar to those nesting in the top of a tree across the street from us. I’ve seen the two of them on the nest once and there’s plenty of evidence of their continued residency on the sidewalk below.
    I keep wishing I’d get a glimpse of the chicks, but I get dizzy trying to look up that high while I’m walking the dog.


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