The Front Side


In the last Post I promised you a picture of the front side of the scarf once it came off the loom.  The scarf does not have  a nice drape. It is heavy  or stiff so it  will most likely be cut up to create smaller objects. Oh why didn’t I sample? I’m using  a 16/2 bamboo  instead of the 10/2 bamboo used in the first piece for the next scarf. The fabric is now lighter and should give a nicer drape. Yes there is a color difference. Above  a Teal yarn in tabby. Below the second scarf on the loom using  a navy  tabby yarn.

Tabby: Navy 16/2 Bamboo

Tabby: Navy 16/2 Bamboo


The plants are beginning to think Spring has arrived in Houston. Hopefully they will look this nice after the rain stops.


10 responses to “The Front Side

  1. Your scarf pattern looks like twining vines with leaves – if I squint a bit! Love it, too bad about the learning curve on the tencel. I wouldn’t have thought tencel could ever be non-drapable. Your garden must be lovely with all those flowers, I have mud and standing water today. Ugh.


  2. Lovely pattern! Interesting how the size of yarns can make a difference–always something to learn in weaving!


  3. Yoo bad about the drape. It looks like it would be fun to wear!


  4. I’m surprised to hear this doesn’t drape! What little I know about bamboo, only having used it once, made me think it was lovely that way. Sigh–and I never sample . . .


    • Kerry, I haven’t washed it yet so it could possibly improve. The bamboo yarn I used was lofty so packed, which makes me believe this with the sett was the issue. The fabric would have great other possibilities as is.


      • I wondered about the sett, too. Listen, I just sent you a question on an older post you made about undulating twill–any insight you can provide will be SO appreciated!


  5. Love the look of your scarf. I have found that with Tencel, it often feels like a board when it comes off the loom, but washing improves it, and throw it in the dryer for a few minutes – like magic. Hope this works for you!


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