To fold or not to fold

6 harness twill

The first towels of the year. These cotton towels let me play a little with color. Two shades of blue, a soft green and natural colored yarns were used. When the towels are opened:

Plaid twill towel

Large horizontal border stripes are visible. How do you fold towels? Do you fold in half or fold with each side behind the towel and the towel center on view. Does it matter if your pattern is symmetrical or asymmetrical? What if there are warp color or pattern that will only show when the towel is folded in half or not at all.

Grand Rapids, MN

No this is not Texas in March. While visiting my Mother last week in Minnesota we went to see my sister in northern Minnesota. There was snow. Snow to walk through and snow to make into snowballs and throw. Back in Texas it’s warmer and a coat isn’t required.


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  1. I take photos of a lot of towels, both my own woven ones and the vintage ones I sell on Etsy and I fold them differently, depending what will show them off best. If it’s a towel for sale, I always include one shot of the whole thing but then the “glamour” shots vary. I like your towels! That’s a cool draft.

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  2. My towels left on the counter top start out folded in 1/3, but along comes some wet hands and the towel ends up in a heap! No one bothers to fold after that! I understand showing off the best design elements is a selling factor. Liked your color choices on your towels.
    Glad you enjoyed your snowy visit!

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  3. I have a new to me folding loom and am going to weave a couple of towels on it, using the description in the Anne Field Learn to Weave book. I’m aiming to get started on the warp over the Easter holiday. Will be very happy if both towels end up the same size. If not I guess I’ll fold them to make them look like they’re the same size.

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