Crackle weave sampler

Crackle weave was one of the structures my weaving study group choose to investigate this year. Two  recently published books on Crackle weave, gave new interest to this old weave structure. In one of these books, A Crackle Weave Companion by Lucy M. Brusic, there is an example of a sampler to use in exploring crackle weave. Since I do not own this book I went to one of my own weaving books.

Crackle Weave is discussed on pages 130-135.
Crackle Weave is discussed on pages 130-135.

The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, by Anne Dixon, shows many examples of 4 harness crackle weave. The section on crackle weave is on pages 130-135. Using these weave designs I created a sampler. Four different crackle patterns across, with each pattern repeated multiple times to better show the design.  Each of the 4 pattern blocks has a different warp color. There were 12 different treadlings used, with the weft color changed for each treadling. Each treadling is repeated  at least 2 times. The sampler has 36 different designs. 21 of these designs are found in The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory. Samplers are a good way to see a variety of designs from a family of similar type weaves. An added bonus was trying different color combinations and size of weft yarns.


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  1. Would you recommend The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory for a two shaft loom owner like myself? I know I’m a lot more limited in what I can do with a two shaft loom, but I need inspiration nonetheless.


    1. Wouldn’t recommend Handweaver’s Pattern Directory for a 2 harness loom. Have you looked at some of the new rigid heddle books. Any of these would work with your loom except you will be able to treadle instead of manually moving the harness.


      1. Thank you so much. Don’t you I love the way blogging lets us communicate so easily – in this case I got some expert advice within 24 hours of asking my newbie question. That’s just fantastic.


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