Navajo Weavings

Navaho weavings. Stark Museum.

Navaho weavings. Stark Museum.

The exhibit “Navajo Weaving: Tradition and Trade” is a must for anyone who likes Navajo weavings. The Stark Museum in the small town of Orange, TX, hosts this exhibit. ┬áMany of these rugs have never been seen by the general public before.


Trading Post reenactment.

The samples of dyed yarn, natural vs. analine, shows the intensity of color differences one can get with each technique. I’m not surprised that many weavers choose to go against tradition and use aniline dyed yarns.

Natural dyed Churro yarn

Natural dyed Churro yarn


Aniline dyed Churro yarn.

8 responses to “Navajo Weavings

  1. Sorry that I will have to miss this show.


  2. Oh, but the subtle colors of the naturally dyed churro wool are so very fabulous. I wish I could see the exhibit in person. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Next thing to SW visit!


  4. Looks like a fabulous exhibit. Will see if I can make it there.


  5. Who knew? Thanks for letting us in on this exhibit.


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