Finishing Projects

Handwoven Shibori yardage
Handwoven Shibori yardage

The Handwoven Shibori yardage has been pressed and is ready to be made into something wearable it has a nice drape being 8/2 Tencel. The dye penetration is not as even as I would have liked, but it does create an interesting horizontal pattern.

Honeycomb runner
Honeycomb runner

The honeycomb runner made with linen and jute to outline the cells looks lovely on the table. The jute transitions from purple, blue, light green, yellow, orange, hot pink,  then reverse back to purple.  The back has long floats. For handbags or clothing this fabric will require lining. I have some novelty silk from Habu, I would like to use in the future with this weave structure.

Honey comb  runner back
Honey comb runner back

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  1. I like the way the shibori turned out. A companion fabric would have to be a very subtle pattern to not compete with the patterning in the shibori. On Honeycomb… I never liked the structure because of the long floats – until I found the draft for 8 shaft Honeycomb. That makes a two sided fabric and eliminates the need for lining or hiding the floats. The jute is the perfect choice for the outline of the cells and, as a table runner, the floats aren’t really a problem.


    1. Thanks Diane. I was thinking of doing the companion fabric in a small twill block weave of a solid aqua to match the Shibori. I’ll weave it up and see if it will work.


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