Coral Towel Variations

Coral towel variations

Coral towel variations

It’s fun to vary the weft yarn color when weaving multiple items on a long warp. By changing things up it helps when boredom sets in. The 5 1/2 yd warp gave me 5 towels. Three like the first towel in the picture and one of each of the others. This is an eight harness turned twill using cottolin yarns. I love the hand that cottolin gives a towel. Which color towel is your favorite?


12 responses to “Coral Towel Variations

  1. Really pretty towels – should sell fast!


  2. These look wonderful! I guess I like the one that’s heavy on green best but it’s the variety you created that is impressive. I’m in the process of putting a long Cottolin warp on my loom and now I’m more inspired!


  3. Oooh, I’ve just finished winding off a very similar color scheme (promise I’m not copying) – you do such a nice job, Barbara.


  4. I love all the towels, but I think my favorite is the first one. Beautiful work.


  5. Lovely towels! I like the variety you can get playing with colors and blocks. Endless fun!


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